RushNet, Inc. (RSHN), XYZ Hemp, Inc. (GRPS) and Apple Rush Company, Inc. Succeed in its Testing of CBD Enhanced Juice and Other Products; and Other Updates

12/12/2018, 6:04 PM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Palm Coast, FL, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE-- RushNet, Inc. (OTC Pink: RSHN), Apple Rush Company, Inc., and XYZ Hemp Inc. (OTC Pink: GRPS) jointly announce its successful testing of CBD enhanced blueberry flavored Apple Rush and beer. 

Dr. Richard E Goulding, Chairman of the Board and Chief Medical Officer of both RushNet and XYZ Hemp Inc. (formerly Gold River Production Services, Inc.), stated, “The three companies continue its endeavored joint creation, production and marketing initiative. The initiative enhances beverages and other products with full-spectrum CBD, while maintaining the quality and taste unique to Apple Rush products and those of Florida Brewery Co. Inc. (manufacturer and distributor of domestically and internationally distributed beers), with pristine water. The successful CBD infusion was orchestrated, in principal part, by the sister facility in Palisade, Colorado, charging the beverages with full-spectrum CBD (not just CBD isolates).  On the blind taste test, no one was able to tell which product was infused with the CBD and which was not. The study included the Apple Rush blueberry product as well as an assortment of beer products. The ultimate product enjoys the seamless infusion of full-spectrum CBD.” 

Dr. Goulding went on to remark, “Who says oil and water don’t mix? We proved that they can.”

Dr. Miller, CEO of XYZ Hemp added, “One key facet of the success is the proprietary nanotization process. By breaking down the molecular structure, we have been able to enhance the full-spectrum CBD and make it more efficient and less costly by reducing the amount of CBD by nearly 90% in order to attain the same effect. This enhanced efficacy is how we are able to maintain the taste of the product while facilitating the maximum amount of CBD efficacy.”   

The companies have identified retail outlets, including 700 dispensaries in California to purchase the initial product shipment. 

Tony Torgerud, CEO of the Apple Rush Company, Inc. stated, “The beverage market is ready for this proprietary, seamlessly integrated full-spectrum CBD. We can now report having broken not just the cost and taste barriers, but issues of solubility and homogeneity.”  He continued, “We have now eliminated the final barriers to the CBD beverage industry. Our relationships allow great flexibility in launching new concepts and we will continue to work closely with them.”

With its trade secrets, management of each company feels strongly that these issues, plaguing competitors, have been resolved. The relationship with Apple Rush enables RushNet to profit from the infusion of the CBD, but also provides enhanced opportunities for the marketing of XYZ Hemp’s expanding number of products, through their existing retail resources. 

Reporting on further progress, RushNet is excited to soon report the details of its past, and its recently reported acquisitions, each shared in partnership with XYZ Hemp Inc. (GRPS). We have now exchanged contract drafts covering approximately one third of the subject recently reported cannabis grow operations and retail outlet facilities with the combined revenues exceeding $62 million. 

RushNet reports its recent securing several additional Trademarks, including Approval Notices on KO PUNCH Trademark (Serial No. 88101358), KO Trademark (Serial No. 88101335), AWATER Trademark (Serial No. 88068342), and expects to be able to report the securing of additional trademarks in the near future.

RushNet will soon report further progress on the successful implementation of its synergistic acquisition model, of not just the grow operations, but also processing, product integration.  Additionally, its new joint venture regarding a patented and invaluable environmentally friendly disease control technology. Frank Deangelo, CEO, remarks, “Our ability to use this revolutionary technology, in accordance with the terms of our joint venture agreement to be announced in the near future, was key to attracting the various cannabis operations which we are in the process of acquiring.”

RushNet will also continue to report on its progress in the Joint Ventures developing the Nano CBD Delivery System with Dr. Stuart Miller of XYZ Hemp Inc., and others.

RushNet will also soon report on its progress with GreatRateFreight, Inc., its recently acquired trucking logistics company and its business pursuits.

RushNet and XYZ Hemp will soon report the details of its engagement of a prominent DC lobbyist to secure substantial public grant money for two initiatives now being prosecuted by its newly acquired company, GreatRateFreight, Inc. The funding is from Homeland Security, Department of Transportation and FEMA.

RushNet, Inc. is an edibles and beverage based company with stand-alone products, including most enhanced with CBD. Currently, we have developed 12 Products that will take advantage of the organic grow, pristine mineral water enhancement and organic, nanotized CBD. 

XYZ Hemp Inc. is a technology-based company with various products under development, including most enhanced with CBD. It will soon announce the engagement of a very prominent and extremely successful developer of nutraceuticals, joint venturing with Dr. Goulding in the creation of various compelling products to soon be launched.

RushNet and XYZ Hemp Inc. look forward to reporting further updates in the near future. 

About the Apple Rush Co., Inc.: The Apple Rush Company, Inc. through its subsidiary APRU, LLC is a distributor of Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) products under the trademarked Apple Rush and other labels. The Apple Rush brand has over 40 years of existence in the natural beverage industry. For more information please see

About RushNet, Inc.: RushNet, Inc. is an edibles and beverage based company with stand-alone products, including most enhanced with CBD. Currently, we have developed 12 Products that will take advantage of the natural and non-GMO grow, pristine mineral water enhancement and natural CBD. 

About APRU, LLC: APRU, LLC focuses on the development and sale of all-natural Apple Rush sparkling juices. The Company is also engaging in development of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives and other active ingredients such as our exclusive Agathos Active, kratom, kava, blue lotus, and ginseng. Our broad-spectrum cannabinoid initiative includes infused products of not just CBD isolate, but will include CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDA, CBGA etc. (up to a 100 different cannabinoids). For more information, please go to

About XYZ Hemp Inc., formerly Gold River Production Services, Inc.: XYZ Hemp is a top of the line medical CBD company. With innovative products targeting specific disease states as supplements, XYZ Hemp, along with RushNet, is poised to take CBD to the next level. With two of its top officials being not only M.D.'s but well-versed in the field of cannabis, a team of scientists and technical experts have joined forces to utilize all that CBD has to offer.

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