Video Games: Worldwide Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2016-2024 - Advancements in HTML5 is a Major Boost for Mobile Games

6/14/2019, 6:20 PM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Dublin, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Video Games: Global Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Video Games in US$ Million by the following Platforms:

  • Console Games
  • PC Games (Digital and Boxed)
  • Casual Web Games
  • Mobile Games

The report profiles 112 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Activision Blizzard, Inc. (USA)
  • Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (USA)
  • King Digital Entertainment PLC (UK)
  • Atari SA (France)
  • BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. (Japan)
  • Capcom Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Electronic Arts, Inc. (USA)
  • PopCap Games, Inc. (USA)
  • iWin, Inc. (USA)
  • Konami Holdings Corporation (Japan)
  • Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Konami Gaming Inc. (USA)
  • Microsoft Studios (USA)
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Sega Holdings Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment (USA)
  • Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Square Enix Ltd (UK)
  • Take 2 Interactive Software, Inc. (USA)
  • Tetris Holding, LLC (USA)
  • Ubisoft Entertainment S.A. (France)

Key Topics Covered


Video Gaming - An Introductory Prelude
Video Games: A Sprawling Industry Presenting Opportunities to a Wide Range of Participants
Video Games Software Market - A Review
Online Digital Downloads & Browser Based Games Overshadow Physical Retail Game Software
PC Online Games Leads the Pack
Changing Demographics of Modern Players Sets Stage for Increased Consumption of Video Games
Boys & Young Men - The Traditional Users
Gamers Get Older
Grey Gamers Grow in Number
Women: Succumbing to the Charms of Video Games
Rise in Perceived Educative Value of Video Games Fosters Growth in the Market Over the Years
Advent of Novel Technologies Foster Growth for Video Games Market
Exciting Technology Trends Drive the Video Gaming Industry
Current & Future Analysis
Entertaining Trends from Electronic Entertainment Expo
Regulatory Framework
Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC)
Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB)
Pan European Games Information (PEGI)

The Gaming Industry
Major Gaming Trends
For the Disabled
Edith Finch
Recognizing the LGBT
Nier: Automata
Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Destiny 2
Indie Games
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
Horizon: Zero Dawn
XBox One X
Ongoing Technological Advancements Fuel Growth for Video Games Market
Serious' Gamers - The Only Saving Grace for Boxed & Digital Download Console Gaming Software
A Look into the Key Trends in Consoles Software Market
Digital Downloads Grow in Number
New Generation of Home Console Games with Unique Attributes Sustains Audience Interest Over the Last Few Years
Cross-Platform Gaming
New Home Consoles Software Benefit from Cross-Platform Trend
Smaller Consoles Helps Sustain Market Prospects for Console Software Vendors
Action Games Genre Top Video Console Software Sales
Launch of VR Variants to Help Consoles Market Stay Afloat Despite Emerging Competition from Online Streaming & Mobile Platforms
Review of Latest Video Gaming Consoles
PlayStation 4 Pro
Xbox One X
Nintendo Switch
SNES Classic Edition
Key Statistical Findings on Console Gaming Market
Niche Opportunities Help Boxed & Digital Download PC Games Software in its Battle Against Browser and Mobile Gaming Variants
Digital Download Game Versions Grow at the Cost of Boxed PC Games
Key Opportunity Indicators for PC Games Software
Comparison of Key Capabilities of PCs & Leading Consoles for Gaming
Online Browser Based Games - Fast Losing Sheen
PC MMOGs - Losing Popularity to Wireless Gaming Versions
Even Mobile & Console Web Browsers Fail to Revive Online Browser Based Gaming Segment
Mobile Gaming
Huge Growth Potential for Mobile Gaming
Mobile/Wireless Gaming Software Downloads - A High Growth Market Segment
Continued Rise in Mobile Phone Users Sets Stage for Evolution of Mobile Games
Smartphones - Shot in the Arm for Mobile Games
Smartphones Sales Continue to Grow Across the Globe - A Key Opportunity Indicator for Mobile Games
Consumer Mobile Usage Habits Foster Growth in Mobile Gaming Market
Entertainment Applications Lead Smartphone Content: Indication of Potential in Store for Mobile Gaming
Opportunity Indicators
Downloadable Mobile Video Games Pips Traditional Message Based Games
Mobile Social Networking Adds Fillip to the Wireless Gaming Market
Expanding Consumer Base for Wireless Games
Mobile Internet - The Backbone of Mobile Browser & App Based Gaming
Freemium Model Generates Additional Revenue Opportunities for Online Streaming & Digitally Downloadable Games Across Platforms
Cloud Technology: Optimally Positioned to Provide Online & Wireless Gaming Experience
Cloud Gaming: An Emerging Platform for Games Distribution
Key Benefits of Cloud Technology that are Expected to Boost Internet Gaming Platforms
Economic Benefits
Extreme Scalability
Data Management Concerns Outsourced
Cloud Insurance Shields from Losses
Remote Access: The Real Flavor of Cloud Gaming
Mobile Cloud-Gaming - The New Paradigm
Softening Prices Increases Number of Gamers - Bodes Well for the Market
Seasonal Demand Patterns Characterize Video Games Market
Convergence of Video & Games to be a Key Growth Factor in Coming Years
Developments at Hardware & Content Level Boosts Opportunities for Video Games Software
Physical and Digital Crossover Adds New Dimension to Video Gaming
Video Games with Motion Control Keeps Players Glued
3D Gaming Titles Soar in Demand
Biotic Video Games to Make Games More Lifelike
Introduction AR/VR Experience in Video Games to Boost Industry Revenue
Developers Prefer RPG-like, Built-in Features
Advancements in HTML5 - A Major Boost for Mobile Games
NFC Technology Increases Adoption of Wireless Multi-Player Games
Ability to Accept User Driven Changes Increases User Involvement
Convergence & Improved Network Capability: Crucibles for Success
Developing Markets to Lend Traction to the Market in the Short to Medium Term Period
Blurring Boarders Extend Huge Opportunity for Developers
Micro Gaming Studios & Independent Developers Finally See Their Efforts Get Rewarded
Distribution Channel
A Peek into Challenges in Store
Rising Game Development Costs Jeopardizes Developers' Profitability
Aggressive Marketing Strategies Make Gamers Uncomfortable
Reselling Hurts New Title Purchases
Software Piracy Takes the Wind Out of the Market's Sails
Negative Publicity Over Violent Video Games Blemishes Business Opportunities
Lack of Skilled Workforce Hurting New Product Development Initiatives
Challenges to Reckon With for Online Games
Free-to-Play Games - A Major Threat for Paid Online & Wireless Gaming Titles

Key Impact Innovations in Video Games
Innovations in Hardware
Innovation in AI Research and Technology
Innovation in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
Innovation beyond Technology
Gaming Advancements during Last Decade
Gaming Industry Continues to Transform Driven by Technology Advancements
AI Innovations Transform Video Games
Making Non-player Characters Smarter
Enhancing Graphics Quality
Supporting High-Fidelity Gaming on Mobile Device
Blockchain Benefits in the Video Games Sector

Video Games: A Primer
Video Games Software: A Definition
A Look into the Video Games Software Distribution Platforms
Physical Boxed Video Games
Online Downloads
Online Casual Web Browser Games
Video Games Software: Classification By Gaming Platform
Console Games Software
PC Games Software (excluding Online Games)
Casual Web Games
MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
Perpetual State Worlds (PSW)
Mobile Games Software
Video Games Software: Classification By Game Genres
Fighting/Combat Game
First-Person Shooter Games
Strategy Games
The Eighth Generation of Video Game Consoles - An Overview
A Glance at Key Specifications
Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Other Home Video Game Consoles Released in the Recent Past
Upcoming Home Video Game Consoles
Gaming - Process Overview
Existing Model
In-house Developers
Third Party Developers
Independent Developers
Existing Value Chain Model
Emerging Models
A Typical Model of Emerging Value Chain

The Leading Gaming Companies Worldwide
Consolidation Rife in the Market
Game Developers Focus on Diversity
Mobile Gaming Market - A Competitive Perspective
Comparatively Low Entry Barriers Invite Scores of New Companies
Even Non-Gaming Enterprises Join the Fray
Consolidation of Mobile Game Publishers
Leading Ten Companies in the Global Mobile Games Market (2018E)
Outsourcing: An Antidote to the Predicament
Key Market Share Findings & Rankings
Popular Games
Immense Popularity of Battle Royale
Indie Games Flood Switch
Availability of Wii U Ports on Switch
Sony and Microsoft Juggle with Exclusives
Top 10 Games of 2017 Across Platform

6.1 Focus on Select Players

6.2 Product Launches
Konami Gaming Debuts New KX 43 Video Slot Cabinet
Retro-Bit Launches New GoRetro! Portable Handheld Console
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Launches DRAGON BALL FighterZ on Nintendo Switch
Activision and FromSoftware Announce Sekiro Game with RPG Elements
Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces the Availability of PlayStationClassic
Sony Interactive Entertainment Introduces PS4Pro 500 Million Limited Edition
Konami Gaming Launches Video Slot Themes and Base Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment Introduces PlayStation4 Days of Play Limited Edition
Konami Gaming Announces Array of Games and Technology at NIGA 2018
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Launches DRAGON BALL FighterZ for Xbox One, PS4 System, and PCs
EA Unveils Anthem
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Bigben Interactive Release WRC 6
Sony Interactive Entertainment Launches Glacier White PS4 CUH - 2000 Series

6.3 Recent Industry Activity
Keywords Studios Acquires Yokozuna Data
Microsoft Acquires Four Game Studios
The Tetris Company Partners with IMG
AT&T Partners with ESL
Microsoft Teams Up with Razer for Xbox One
Disney Partners with Perblue and Three Other Mobile Developers
Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lenovo Sign Two-Year Patent License Agreement for PlayStationVR
The RLJ Companies Enters into Agreement with Scientific Games
AtGames Enters into Agreement with The Tetris Company for Iconic Puzzle Game
EA Acquires Respawn Entertainment
Hasbro Gaming Enters into a Partnership with Nintendo for Monopoly Gamer
Fender Extends Video Game Partnership with Harmonix
BIGBEN INTERACTIVE Signs a License Agreement with Studio Appeal for its Video Game OUTCAST
2K Extends its Partnership with WWE for Video Game Properties



8.1 The United States
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Key Market Trends in Nutshell
Video Games Set to Drive Future Hardware/Software Innovation
Video Games Software: Market Basics
Changing Demographics: A Primer Driver
A Snapshot
Key Statistical Data
US Video Games Market (2017): Best Selling Video Games by Number of Units Sold
Console Game Software Continues to Remain Major Revenue Contributor for Video Games Market
Software for Leading Console Manufacturers Take the Major Share in Console Gaming Software Market
Wireless Gaming Makes Massive Strides
Competition Heats Up, Reduces Profit Margins for Online & Wireless Game Developers
Publishers Keen on Enhancing Product Portfolio
Distribution Dynamics
Traditional Stores - Losing Sheen & Almost Extinct
Retail Stores
Specialty Video Stores
Digital Distribution Gathers Momentum
Other Factors Driving Revenue Growth
Hollywood and Video Games
Films Inspired by Games
Games Borrow from Films
Violent & Adult Theme Video Games: Cause for Concern
ESA: A Dedicated Platform for Interactive Game Publishers
B. Market Analytics

8.2 Canada
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Video Game Development to Seek New Highs
Mobile Gaming Set to Raise the Bar
Regulatory Mechanism
B. Market Analytics

8.3 Japan
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Unique Features of Japanese Gaming Industry
Mobile Gaming - Dominates the Video Games Market in Japan
Expanding Demographics and New Markets to Revive Japanese Video Games Market
Regulatory Mechanism
Assessing Nintendo's Growth
B. Market Analytics

8.4 Europe
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Overview of the European Video Games Industry
Demographics of the European Gaming Industry
Mobile Gaming Market - On Growth Path
Distribution Channel
B. Market Analytics

8.4.1 France
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
B. Market Analytics

8.4.2 Germany
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Overview
B. Market Analytics

8.4.3 Italy
A. Market Analysis
B. Market Analytics

8.4.4 The United Kingdom
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
The Gaming Market
Political Games Emerge During Brexit
Mobile Games Propel Growth in the Overall Gaming Market
Advergaming to Target Right Customers
Distribution Scenario
Market Trends & Issues
Educational Games Hold Out
Fantasy Themes Offer Fantastic Prospects
Pop Stars, Music, & Video Games Combo Could Spell Success
Piracy: The Biggest Spoilsport
Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association: Collective Identity
B. Market Analytics

8.4.5 Spain
Market Analysis

8.4.6 Russia
Market Analysis

8.4.7 Rest of Europe
Market Analysis

8.5 Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
An Overview of Video Games Market in Asia-Pacific
Swift Growth Ahead for Wireless Video Games Industry in Asia-Pacific
Asia-The Hotbed for Multiplayer Gaming
Distribution Channel
B. Market Analytics

8.5.1 Australia
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
B. Market Analytics

8.5.2 China
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Chinese Video Games Market Continues to Fly High
Lifting of Console Ban Props Up Console Games Software
Licensing - A Strategy Driving Video Games Market in China
Mobile Games Make a Mark in China
LTE Poised to Deliver High Impact on Mobile Gaming
Transition from Casual Gamers to Hardcore Gamers: The New Market Trait
Domestic Players Face Increased Competition
Domestic Gaming Companies Expanding in the West
China's Transformation to Software Hub Helps Video Games Market
Govt. Restrictions on Video Games May Restrict Chinese Gaming Market
B. Market Analytics

8.5.3 South Korea
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
South Korea - Huge Demand for Mobile Gaming
Increasing Attention on AR
B. Market Analytics

8.5.4 Rest of Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
A Peek Into Select Regional Markets
Indian Video Game Industry to See Tremendous Growth
Mobile and PC Games Share Top Honors in Indian Gaming Market
Opportunities and Threats for Indian Gaming
India - A Preferred Destination for Developing Games
Demographic Trends
Indonesia - Market Share of Leading Players
New Zealand
New Zealand: A Developers' Paradise
Video Games Industry Set to Leap to Another Level
New Zealand Studios - Fast Making their Way into Global Stage
B. Market Analytics

8.6 Middle East & Africa
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
South Africa - Market Share of Leading Players
B. Market Analytics

8.7 Latin America
Market Analysis

8.7.1 Brazil
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Brazilian Video Games Industry Witnesses Significant Growth
Opportunities & Threats
B. Market Analytics

8.7.2 Mexico
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Mexico: A Potential Market for Electronic Games
Changing Cultural Trends Augurs Well for Mexican Video Games Industry
Market Share of Leading Players
B. Market Analytics

8.7.3 Rest of Latin America
Market Analysis


Total Companies Profiled: 112 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 143)

  • The United States (69)
  • Canada (1)
  • Japan (20)
  • Europe (34)
    • France (5)
    • Germany (5)
    • The United Kingdom (12)
    • Italy (1)
    • Rest of Europe (11)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (16)
  • Middle East (1)
  • Latin America (1)

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