6/18/2019, 9:20 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Johnson: UK to leave EU or face catastrophic loss of confidence

Front runner in the race for the next leader of the Conservative Party Boris Johnson stated on Tuesday that if the United Kingdom doesn't leave the European Union on October 31 it will face a "catastrophic loss of confidence" and pay a "serious price." Asked about his stance on the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, Johnson said that "nobody wants a disorderly Brexit" but added that the country must prepare for such an outcome.

"We must come out on the 31 October, otherwise we face a catastrophic loss of confidence in politics," Johnson said at the beginning of the BBC's Tory leadership debate. "Politicians need to take their responsibilities and act maturely and soberly in the interests of democracy."

Hours before the leadership debate, Johnson won the second round of the Conservative Party leadership contest by securing the support of 125 out of 313 Tory MPs. Jeremy Hunt came in second with 46 votes, followed by Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart, while Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab got eliminated from the race.

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