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Trump says he can be Iran's 'best friend'

The downing of the United States drone by Iran "was probably intentional" but no people were targeted in the incident and it was a "wise decision," President Donald Trump said on Saturday. Before leaving the White House for Camp David, he told the press general Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was against a retaliatory strike. The president claimed a comprehensive bilateral agreement can be reached "very quickly" if Iran wanted to and promised to be the Middle Eastern country's "best friend."

The Islamic Republic wants to become "a wealthy nation again," according to Trump, who asserted the crisis "has very little to do with oil." He added China imports 91% of its oil from the Persian Gulf compared to Japan's 60%. He also pointed to Indonesia's dependence on crude from the region and said the US is doing Asia a big favor by keeping the Strait of Hormuz open.

National Security Advisor John Bolton is "definitely" a "hawk" who has "taken a tough posture," Trump stressed, but he underscored all decisions are ultimately his. "Everyone was saying I’m a warmonger. Now they’re saying I’m a dove," he stated.

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