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Iran warns US-led coalition to leave Persian Gulf

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi warned the United States and its allies they will face a "humiliating exit" from the Persian Gulf unless they leave the region by themselves as soon as possible, according to Press TV.

"The US, Britain and the Zionist regime must know that a naval Islamic resistance front is in the making," Khanzadi said. "Enemies of the region should know that the era of plundering the region’s wealth is over. The looters should thus leave the region as soon as possible, otherwise a humiliating withdrawal awaits them," he added.

The US called on its allies to form a joint coalition and increase presence in the Gulf in an effort to protect shipping. The move came in response to a number of incidents involving oil tankers in the region for which Washington blamed Tehran. The United Kingdom and Israel agreed to take part in the coalition, while Germany and Japan said they would not be part of the operations.

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