8/23/2019, 11:56 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Putin warns US against missiles in Asia-Pacific

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the latest missile test in the United States wasn't improvised and that the other side openly an intentionally breached terms from the now defunct Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The series of "scheduled events" and the use of the MK 41 launcher warrants the examination of "exhaustive measures" by the army to "prepare for a reciprocal response," he stressed and said the intention by the administration in Washington to place new systems in Asia-Pacific is interfering with the Kremlin's "core interests" near the border.

Russia suspended the pact last month after the US withdrew. The Pentagon tested a medium-range missile on August 18.

The head of state revealed he ordered ministries to analyze the new "threat." He claimed Russia wouldn't engage in an "expensive, destructive arms race" but promised to protect national security. Decision makers in Moscow still want an "equal, constructive" bilateral dialogue and to reestablish trust and boost international security, Putin added. He also noted the government has warned the US against installing launchers in Romania and Poland.

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