9/2/2019, 8:36 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Conte touts progress in talks on his new cabinet

Giuseppe Conte, Italy's premier-designate, promised on Monday to overhaul the economy by providing fiscal relief and a minimum wage and not increasing the value-added tax. The prime minister, who got the mandate to form a new cabinet as the Northern League left the coalition with the Five Star Movement (M5S), expressed optimism regarding the negotiations with the Democratic Party (PD) and vowed to boost the workers' purchasing power and roll out support for families.

PD's leader Nicola Zingaretti claimed talks are progressing "with patience and seriousness" to rekindle the country's engines and added they were halted in the past year. Wages must be increased, especially those in the lower part of the scale, he stressed. The party secretary asserted the cabinet would fund the green economy, education and back businesses, while that it would also "radically change" the security framework. He has been criticizing outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, the League's chief, over the treatment of refugees and migrants.

Luigi Di Maio indicated he would remain vice premier and pledged to keep the country in the European Union and the Eurozone. He and Conte said they would work to reform the bloc, particularly regarding the responsibility of all countries to take in asylum seekers that land in Italy.

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