9/4/2019, 9:03 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Trump: Up to Walmart if it wants to sell weapons

Walmart Inc.'s numbers showed it had a "tremendous quarter," United States President Donald Trump said on Wednesday. Asked about the company's decision to scale back the guns and ammunition portfolio, he said it is up to the retail giant. "They can do what they have to do," Trump stressed and asserted that the "economy is doing very well."

He indicated "a task force" could be assembled at the White House to tackle demands for gun control and background checks, but he also pointed to the mental health issue with regard to mass shootings and suggested some of the institutions that have been closed should be reactivated.

"We are working with Congress," Trump said and revealed he heard 29 policy proposals. "I support safety of our citizens. I support keeping guns out of the hads of sick people, mentally ill people," the president stated.

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