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Tesla equips Model 3s with pedestrian warning system - report

Tesla Inc. started adding a pedestrian warning system (PWS) to its Model 3 vehicles, Electrek reported on Tuesday citing internal company communications.

According to a company memo sent to staff recently, all Model 3 cars built for the United States market from September 1 onwards will come with a PWS to meet regulatory requirements. The system will be active at speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour when the vehicle is either moving forward or reversing as per the regulations. The sounds will be emitted through a speaker mounted in the front end of the car and will alert pedestrians to its presence at low speeds. The memo added that while the PWS was not being fitted to Model S or Model X vehicles yet, the two would receive it in due course.

The reports come after both the US and European Union recently made it mandatory for electric vehicles to emit sounds at low speed in order to prevent pedestrian accidents. The US regulations will start to take effect from this month while those in the EU will be compulsory from July 2021 onwards.

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