10/16/2019, 2:03 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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US House passes Hong Kong human rights bill

Lawmakers in the lower chamber of the United States Congress sent the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to the Senate for approval, which seems likely. The House of Representatives decided to obligate the government to ascertain whether the unrest in China's autonomous region warrants the change of the financial hub's status as a separate entity in trade.

Legislators on Capitol Hill also passed measures which would halt the shipment of crowd control equipment to Hong Kong. The package was bipartisan in nature. The government in Beijing has condemned attempts to interfere with its internal affairs. The bill would enable the introduction of punitive action against persons who try to breach the deal that has paved the way for the self-governing city to be returned by the United Kingdom to the rule of the most populous nation.

Furthermore, a new House resolution criticizes China for meddling with Hong Kong's affairs and highlights the latter's bilateral relations with the US.

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