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HK lawmakers block extradition bill withdrawal

Only hours after the lower chamber of US Congress passed a bill supporting Hong Kong protesters, the city's chief executive Carrie Lam was forced on Wednesday to suspend the parliament's session as opposition lawmakers disrupted her annual speech two times, making the official withdrawal of the extradition bill impossible. Instead, they demanded she delivers "five demands - not one less."

After the second disruption, Lam left the chamber and instead delivered her address in a video broadcast on the Legislative Council's website. "We hope Carrie Lam withdraws and quits. She has no governance ability. She is not suitable to be chief executive," said one of the opposition lawmakers.

Following a move from the House of Representatives which threatened to further aggravate the already fragile relations between Washington and Beijing, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a fiery statement described the bill as an "incorrect decision," the result of some in the US harboring "sinister intentions to destroy Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and to contain China's development."

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