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Earnings Forecast

Leoben - Leoben - In view of the worldwide effects on the global logistics and
production chains resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it must be assumed that
demand will record a decline in some of AT&S's customer segments.

Due to the low visibility and high volatility of the developments, the impact on
the financial year 2020/21 cannot be quantified at present. This will very
likely lead to deviations from the analyst estimates which are currently

Thanks to the early measures for the protection of employees, which were
installed at all locations after their successful implementation in China, all
AT&S sites in Europe and Asia are now 100 percent available. In order to enable
the necessary flexibility in the weeks to come, relevant precautions such as
sufficient provision of production materials have already been initiated. For
the time being, the situation and the framework conditions will be evaluated in
short cycles and the corresponding measures will be introduced.

Further inquiry note:
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Gerda Königstorfer, Director Investor Relations 
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