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US markets open mostly in red on WHO tension

Markets in the United States opened mostly in red on Tuesday as China's Foreign Ministry said that the US is trying "to use China as an issue to shift the responsibility and bargain on its international obligations to the World Health Organization." Also, US President Donald Trump stated earlier his administration will consider making the funding halt to the WHO permanent if "substantial improvements" are not made within the next 30 days. Meanwhile, data reported by the US Census Bureau showed that privately-owned housing starts in the country declined under the estimated values to reach 891,000 at a seasonally adjusted annual rate in April.

The Dow Jones fell 0.34% at 9:30 am ET. The Home Depot was the worst performer falling by 2.62%. The Nasdaq 100 added 0.11% at the same time with Baidu growing 10.57%. The S&P 500 went down 0.27% at 9:31 am ET with Marriott International that plunged by 4.05%.

The euro rose 0.12% against the dollar to sell for 1.0928 at 9:31 am ET.

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