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Leoben - 9 July 2020 - The Supervisory Board of AT & S Austria Technologie &
Systemtechnik AG has reappointed Andreas Gerstenmayer as Chairman of the
Management Board of AT&S. The current term of office of Andreas Gerstenmayer
runs until 31 May 2021 and has been extended early by another five-year period
until 31 May 2026.

"Andreas Gerstenmayer has made a significant contribution to the company's
growth and its positioning as a high-end interconnect solution provider in the
global printed circuit board and IC substrate market over the past years. The
Supervisory Board of AT&S is therefore clearly signalling continuity and
committing to consistently pursuing the adopted growth strategy. The focus will
remain on the further transformation into a system and interconnect solution
provider and the expansion of the module business. We are delighted that Andreas
Gerstenmayer will continue to pursue the growth course of AT&S in the next five
years," says Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hannes Androsch.

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