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Biden-Sanders 'pact' would destroy US - Trump

United States President Donald Trump claimed on Wednesday that a political "pact" between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden would "destroy" the US as it allegedly contains more leftist ideologies than Sanders expected.

"Has anybody seen or reviewed the written 'pact' between Bernie Sanders & Sleepy Joe. It is further left than even Bernie had in mind. Open Borders, crime, really bad to cops and military - The guaranteed destruction of America. Joe never told us this. Never been so CLEAR!!!", Trump tweeted.

Biden's and Sanders's campaigns have founded a joint task force in May in an effort to unify the Democratic Party and to prevent Trump from benefiting from any disagreements within the party as he did in 2016. Last week, the task force submitted a document outlining its recommended policies that will be personally examined by Biden before the nominating convention.

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