8/7/2020, 6:37 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Schumer: We need strong bill and Reps are stuck

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Friday that the nonfarm employment report showed that it's "clear the economy is losing steam. We need big investments in the US to help citizens." He added that the only choice is to have a strong stimulus package. "And yesterday our republican friends wanted to go away from the negotiating table. We want to negotiate and are willing to make compromises," he stressed.

Schumer explained yesterday's negotiating situation stating that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tried to compromise saying "we go down by a trillion, you go up by a trillion and we can figure how we can do that to help the American people." He stressed the Republicans are "the ones who are stuck" and that "they don’t want to spend any dollar to help the US citizens."

"We need a bill and there are two choices. One is for Republicans to do a strong bill together with Democrats and they gonna need all the Democrats to vote in the senate. They gonna need us. Another choice is this weak insufficient executive order but it won't help the people," he concluded adding that the first thing that has to be solved is a health problem.

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