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House committee slams Boeing, FAA over 737 MAX crashes

The United States House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released a report on Wednesday criticizing Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for allowing 737 MAX aircraft to fly with faulty software which caused two deadly crashes, killing over 300 people.

"They were the horrific culmination of a series of faulty technical assumptions by Boeing's engineers, a lack of transparency on the part of Boeing's management, and grossly insufficient oversight by the FAA - the pernicious result of regulatory capture on the part of the FAA with respect to its responsibilities to perform robust oversight of Boeing and to ensure the safety of the flying public," the committee said in a 238-page report.

The Boeing 737 MAX was grounded worldwide in March 2019 following the second deadly crash that involved an Ethiopian Airlines plane. Since then, Boeing has been working on fixing the faulty software. In August, the FAA announced steps that Boeing should undertake so that its 737 MAX aircraft can be allowed to return to service.

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