PTA-NVR: 4basebio AG: Total Voting Rights Announcement according to Article 41 of the WpHG

9/30, 6:30 PM (Source: pressetext)


Chart for: 4BASEBIO AG  NA O.N.
Heidelberg (pta048/30.09.2020/18:30) - Publication

Total voting rights according to article 41 WpHG

Heidelberg (pta048/30.09.2020/18:30) - Publication

1. Details of issuer
4basebio AG
Waldhofer Str. 102, 69123 Heidelberg, Deutschland

2. Type of capital measure
Conditional capital increase (Sec. 41 para. 2 WpHG)
Date of status / date of effect: 30.9.2020

3. New total number of voting rights


emitter: 4basebio AG
address: Waldhofer Str. 102, 69123 Heidelberg
country: Germany
contact person: Robert Mayer
phone: +49 171 3876540

ISIN(s): DE000A2YN801 (share)
stock exchanges: regulated market in Frankfurt; free market in Stuttgart, free market in Munich, free market in Hamburg, free market in Dusseldorf; open market in Berlin, Tradegate

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