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Pfizer's claims it wasn't part of Warp Speed 'unfortunate mistake' - Trump

United States President Donald Trump said on Friday that Pfizer Inc made an "unfortunate mistake" when claimed it wasn't part of Operation Warp Speed as the company received $1.5 billion for coronavirus vaccine developing from the US federal government.

"If you had different administration, it would take, in my opinion, three, four or five years" to develop a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19, the president noted delivering an update on Operation Warp Speed in the White House, adding that other vaccines are coming that will be "equally or even more effective" compared to Pfizer's vaccine.

Referring to a distribution of the vaccine if it gets approved, Trump asserted that his administration "can't deliver the vaccine to a state that is not ready to distribute it to people immediately," urging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to "let us know when he is ready" to deliver it to people across the state.

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