PTA-News: Addiko Bank AG: Results of the AGM for the financial year 2019
Conditional dividend of EUR 2.05 per share, authorization for share buy-backs and new SB members

11/27/2020, 2:55 PM (Source: pressetext)
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Vienna (pta033/27.11.2020/14:55) - -

Vienna, November 27th, 2020 - Addiko Bank AG, a Consumer and SME specialist bank headquartered in Vienna, Austria and parent of Addiko Group, held its virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the financial year 2019 today.

Conditional dividend of EUR 2.05 per share for the financial year 2019
The payout of the dividend of EUR 2.05 for each share is dependent on two conditions, namely that before or at the latest until the publication of the Annual Report 2020 on March 10th 2021 neither a recommendation of the European Central Bank nor a legally mandatory distribution ban would conflict with a distribution of dividends, and that the Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital ratio of Addiko Bank AG (and Addiko Group) after such distribution is not lower than 18.6%. The payment date for the dividend is the 20th working day after the satisfaction of both conditions. Addiko Bank AG (and Addiko Group) has consistently guided towards a capital ratio of >19% CET1 for the year end 2020 since 1H20 disclosure, with the proposed 2019 dividend already being deducted.

Authorization for share buy-backs
The Management Board of Addiko Bank AG has been authorized to acquire own shares up to 10% of the share capital for a period of 30 months from the day of the resolution by the AGM for the purpose of offering shares to employees, executives and members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board.

Two new Supervisory Board members elected
Herbert Juranek and Frank Schwab have been newly elected as members to the Supervisory Board following the departure of Hans Lotter and Henning Giesecke who both stepped down as of the close of the AGM as announced earlier. The Supervisory Board consists of six shareholder representatives, two women and four men.

Other resolutions
All other AGM resolutions that had been put forward by the Management Board and/or the Supervisory Board were approved by the shareholders.


Full details for the AGM, including the results of the votes will be available at our website:

Addiko Group's Investor Relations website contains further information, including financial and other information for investors.

Edgar Flaggl
Head of Investor Relations & Group Corporate Development

About Addiko Group
Addiko Group consists of Addiko Bank AG, the fully-licensed Austrian parent bank registered in Vienna, Austria, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and supervised by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and by the European Central Bank, as well as six subsidiary banks, registered, licensed and operating in five CSEE countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina (two banks), Serbia and Montenegro. Addiko Group, through its six subsidiary banks, services as of September 30, 2020 approximately 0.8 million customers in CSEE, using a well-dispersed network of 175 branches and modern digital banking channels. Addiko Bank AG manages its subsidiary banks through group-wide strategies, policies and controls and manages Addiko Group's liquidity reserve. Addiko Group repositioned itself as a specialist consumer and SME banking group with a focus on growing its consumer business and SME lending activities as well as payment services (its "focus areas"), offering unsecured personal loan products for consumers and working capital loans for its SME customers funded largely by retail deposits. Addiko Group's mortgage business, public lending and large corporate lending portfolios (its "non-focus areas") are gradually reduced over time, thereby providing liquidity and capital for the gradual growth in its consumer business and SME lending.


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