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Tesla recalls over 100,000 cars due to touchscreen issue

Tesla announced that it would "voluntarily" recall all Model S and Model X vehicles that have experienced issues with the touchscreen display, Electrek reported on Tuesday citing obtained emails.

According to the report, vehicles manufactured between 2012 and 2018 have faced problems with the embedded multimedia-card memory (eMMC) in the MCU. The issue is known as the "eMMC failure" problem, and the defect rate goes up to 30% on older car models.

"Tesla has decided to voluntarily recall certain Model S and Model X vehicles built before March 2018 that are equipped with an 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) in the media control unit because the eMMC may malfunction due to accumulated wear... Additionally, Tesla will upgrade, free of charge, the eMMC on your vehicle with an enhanced 64GB eMMC," the company said.

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