St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. Discusses The Potential of Their Battery Recycling Subsidiary, EVSX, with The Stock Day Podcast

3/16/2021, 2:02 PM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - March 16, 2021) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (OTC: SXOOF) (CSE: SX), a company developing new technologies to solve some of the most common environmental problems in the mining industry. COO and Director of the Company, Frank Dumas, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company's background and current projects. "St-Georges was an exploration company initially that actually grew to include over time more and more metallurgy and green technology processing," shared Dumas. "We own active licenses in the country of Iceland for mineral resources," said Dumas, adding that the Company also owns additional exploration projects in Quebec, Canada for nickel, copper, and cobalt. Dumas then shared that the Company's primary focus in terms of exploration includes energy metals, which are required for the development of green technology.

"We also have recently added activities and started to operate in battery recycling and technology development," said Dumas. "Our subsidiary, EVSX, is on the verge, within the next few quarters, to be a battery recycler."

Jolly then commented on the Company's diverse portfolio, and asked about the factors that tie these segments together. "We're looking at the problematics that you're going to get from electric vehicles, and the whole industry," explained Dumas. "We're asking: How do we connect all of this together? How do we get it from the mines, to the public, and then back via the recycling? And how can all of the technologies we've developed over the years be used at these stages for the life cycles of these minerals?" said Dumas. "That's really the main focus, and we're also looking at true exploration sources for these minerals."

The conversation then turned to the Company's royalty and leasing strategies for their technology. Dumas elaborated on the Company's battery recycling division, as well as the extraction and production of lithium. "There are some competing technologies being developed, and we're one of them," explained Dumas, before discussing the Company's recent licensing agreement for lithium processing technology.

"The company just received their first shipment of batteries earlier this week, is that correct?" asked Jolly. "Yes, we got our first shipment this week that came from an aggregator," said Dumas, noting that the shipment contained Tesla and GM batteries. "The aggregators are usually the people that work with the different car makers for the recycling process," he explained, noting that as electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, aggregators are beginning to put together networks of battery recyclers.

"You are focused on metallurgical processing; could you explain to my listeners what that is exactly?" asked Jolly. "It's really the process of taking the mineral from the form that it comes to at the technological or industrial plant and then turning it into a sellable product," explained Dumas, adding that traditional metallurgical processing has varying levels of success. "Where we're coming in is to improve on these processes or to come up with totally different, disruptive, and innovative processes that will allow us to go more into the 90-100% range of recuperation."

Jolly then asked about a recent announcement detailing the Company's new team member, Paul Pelosi, Jr, who is now serving as the President and Director of their subsidiary, EVSX Corp. "Paul has a long history of being involved in environmental initiatives," said Dumas, adding that Pelosi also has experience working with companies in the battery recycling space. "Something disruptive happened; Joe Biden was elected, and suddenly electric power became essential, important, and urgent," said Dumas as he elaborated on the importance of battery recycling and management for this industry. He then explained that Pelosi discovered the Company's metallurgical processing patent while working with other companies in the space and reached out to look into its applications for battery recycling. "In three weeks, we had fantastic results. We never realized we were sitting on a gold mine until Paul Pelosi suggested we test on batteries."

"We want to do some of it ourselves, but we also want to license the technology to other operators," continued Dumas. "We are starting a feasibility study with entities financed by the Quebec government and with the Canadian government, as well as some regional investors," shared Dumas. "We should have this feasibility study done probably before mid-summer," he added, noting that a positive feasibility study represents the possibility of beginning battery recycling in December.

Dumas then elaborated on the challenges facing the domestic, nickel battery recycling industry, which includes AA and AAA batteries. "We tested these batteries as well," shared Dumas. "It's fantastic. We're getting very good results; we're getting type one nickel out of them, which is the same nickel that you need for electric car batteries," he continued, adding that this form of nickel is in high demand, but in low supply, and can be extracted much more cost effectively in this manner. "We're coming in with a source that could replace a major mine, just by recycling what people put in the garbage."

To close the interview, Dumas elaborated on the Company's stability, as well as the potential of their role in the growing green technology space. "It is going to take time, but we're building a solid base. We think we're building a company that is going to have very interesting potential over the next few years."

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St-Georges is developing new technologies to solve some of the most common environmental problems in the mining industry. The Company controls all the active mineral tenures in Iceland. It also explores for nickel & PGEs on the Julie Nickel Project and the Manicougan Palladium Project on the Québec's North Shore. Headquartered in Montreal, St-Georges' stock is listed on the CSE under the symbol SX, on the US OTC under the Symbol SXOOF and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 85G1.

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