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Iran reaches 60% uranium enrichment

Iran announced on Friday that it managed to succeed in enriching uranium 60% at the Natanz nuclear facility, six days after the plant had an incident with the electrical grid.

The speaker of the Iranian parliament, Mohammad Ghalibaf, stated on Twitter that the country managed to enrich the uranium around midnight last night, commending "brave people of Islamic Iran on this success" and the "young and pious Iranian scientists."

Iran's plans to enrich uranium 60% were widely condemned by world powers, particularly the United States and the E3 countries, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Talks in Vienna on the country rejoining of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action have restarted, but are overshadowed by Iran's ongoing nuclear progress with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stating the country has the capability of enriching uranium to 90%, the threshold needed for nuclear weapons.

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