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* New air purification and sulfur recovery plant up and running at the Lenzing
* Another step closer to meeting sustainability and climate targets
* Self-sufficiency in raw materials further enhanced

Lenzing - Lenzing Group, a leading provider of sustainably produced specialty
fibers for the global textile and nonwoven industries, is continuing to make
great strides toward achieving carbon neutrality across the Group. The
successful completion and commissioning of an air purification and sulfur
recovery plant at the Lenzing facility marks another milestone in the Group's
ambitious strategy. Lenzing has invested some EUR 40 mn in this project since
construction began in 2019.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the plant will enable carbon emissions to be
reduced by 15,000 metric tons at the Lenzing facility. This will also make the
group more self-sufficient in securing vital raw materials for processing, which
will bolster the site's competitive standing in terms of sustainability.

"As a result of this investment, Lenzing has made further progress towards
implementing its climate targets, while achieving much greater autonomy with
regard to one of its core raw materials", says Christian Skilich, Member of the
Managing Board at Lenzing Group.

In 2019, Lenzing set the strategic target of halving its group-wide greenhouse
gas emissions per ton of product by 2030. Its goal for 2050 is to achieve
climate neutrality.

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Further inquiry note:
Dominic Köfner
Vice President Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
Lenzing AG
Telefon: +43 7672 701 2743
E-Mail: media@lenzing.com

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