RainAg and Moleaer launch new nanobubble-infused fertilizer that improves crop yields and reduces quantities of fertilizer

7/28/2021, 3:00 PM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Carson, CA, July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moleaer, the leading nanobubble technology company, and RainAg, a leading provider of liquid fertilizer products, announced today its partnership to market new nanobubble-infused fertilizers combining Moleaer’s patented and award-winning nanobubble technology with RainAg’s patent-pending Rain Technology.

The new RainAg nanobubble-infused fertilizers have been trialed and utilized across a range of commodity crops including corn, cotton, wheat and sugarcane, fruit and vegetable crops, and on turf and silviculture.

The nanobubble enhanced RainAg fertilizers have significant benefits, including:

  • Increased crop yields by up to 16 percent in corn and 12 percent in cotton;
  • Increased crop profitability by more than $5,100 per acre of tomatoes;
  • Increased crop marketability by more than 110 percent in strawberries;
  • Reduction in fertilizer utilization; and
  • Reduction in off-target nutrient runoff and groundwater leaching.

In agriculture, Moleaer’s nanobubbles have independently been proven to improve irrigation water quality, resulting in 50 percent reduction of crop loss by disease, increased crop resilience in high heat temperatures up to 110°F, and reduction of Pythium levels of up to 94 percent.

When combining Moleaer’s nanobubble technology with RainAg fertilizers, farmers are able to reduce operational costs, reduce risks from crop loss and reduce the environmental impacts to local water sources from increased phosphorus and nitrogen levels while achieving maximum crop yields and profits.

“Moleaer has demonstrated its patented nanobubble technology is superior for increasing root zone oxygenation and plant health compared with other methods. We are excited to partner with Moleaer as the exclusive nanobubble technology provider for our patent-pending process. Our fertilizer-processing technology is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of fertilizer efficiency. Through our trials and in-field results, we’ve demonstrated that our fertilizers reduce costs for farmers while also reducing the environmental impact of agriculture in America,” said Tim Ford, General Manager of RainAg.

“We’re proud to partner with the innovative team at RainAg as their nanobubble technology provider. Our award-winning nanobubble technology has been proven to provide significant sustainability benefits to agriculture, specifically fruit and vegetable crops. With RainAg, we’re able to enhance and improve farming practices for larger commodity crops, reducing nutrient runoff and leaching and improving crop yields, all while American farmers are faced with significant heat waves and water shortages,” said Nicholas Dyner, CEO of Moleaer.

RainAg fertilizers are available through local distributors across America. To learn more about RainAg fertilizers and technologies, visit rainag.com. For more information on nanobubble technology, visit moleaer.com.


About Moleaer
MoleaerTM is an American-based nanobubble technology company with a mission to unlock nanobubbles’ full potential to enhance and protect water, food, and natural resources. Moleaer has established the nanobubble industry in the U.S. by developing the first nanobubble generator that can perform cost-effectively at municipal and industrial scales. Moleaer’s patented nanobubble technology provides the highest proven oxygen transfer rate in the aeration and gas infusion industry, with an efficiency of over 85 percent per foot of water (Michael Stenstrom, UCLA, 2017). Through partnerships with universities, Moleaer has proven that nanobubbles are a chemical-free and cost-effective solution to increasing sustainable food production, restoring aquatic ecosystems, and improving natural resource recovery. Moleaer has deployed more than 1,000 nanobubble generators worldwide since 2016. To learn more, visit: Moleaer.com or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About nanobubbles
Nanobubbles are tiny bubbles, invisible to the naked eye and 2500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt. Bubbles at this scale remain suspended in water for long periods, enabling highly efficient oxygen transfer and supersaturation of dissolved gas in liquids. Nanobubbles also treat and reduce pathogens and contaminants of emerging concern as well as scour surfaces to break apart biofilm matrices, creating a powerful, sustainable, and chemical-free disinfectant (Shiroodi, S., Schwarz, M.H., Nitin, N. et al., Food Bioprocess Technol, 2021).

About RainAg
RainAG is a leading provider of liquid fertilizer products and technologies. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the RainAG team is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the most efficient liquid fertilizers and micronutrients on the market. The company uses unique patent-pending technologies to boost fertilizer efficiency, helping partners in manufacturing and distribution create products that improve production and increase crop yields.

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