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UK links potential tanker hijack to Iran - report

The United Kingdom believes that the tanker Asphalt Princess has been hijacked off the coast of Fujairah by either the Iranian military or its proxies, British media reported on Tuesday.

Furthermore, citing security sources, reports indicate that eight or nine armed individuals have "boarded without authorization" the vessel Asphalt Princess, which is an asphalt/bitumen tanker sailing under the Panamian flag. Meanwhile, the Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) upgraded its previous report of the state of an incident involving a tanker, believed to be the aforementioned vessel, in the Gulf of Oman from a "non-piracy" incident to a "potential hijack."

At the same time, three additional oil tankers, Queen Ematha, Jag Pooja, and Abyss, registered their status as "not under command" through the Automatic Identification System. This indicates that they have lost control of their steering. Lastly, the oil tanker Golden Brilliant, which was also affected by the incident, changed its status from "not under command" to "underway using the engine."

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