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€ 25 million investment in additional capacity

Company Information

Vienna - The processing campaigns at AGRANA's three Austrian starch factories
are already well underway. The AGRANA plant in Gmünd (Lower Austria) began
receiving deliveries of starch potatoes on 30 August. The organic starch
campaign also started here this week. Processing wet corn has been ongoing at
the AGRANA sites in Aschach/Donau (Upper Austria) and Pischelsdorf (Lower
Austria) since 15 September.

Starch potatoes

The starch potato campaign in Gmünd is expected to last around 130 days and
finish in early January. Approximately 250,000 metric tons have been contracted
for the 2021 season and current harvesting forecasts suggest that this volume
will also be reached. Due to the slow vegetation growth this year, however, the
quantity of potatoes ultimately depends on the weather conditions in autumn. The
average starch content is expected to be on a par with the prior year at 18.5

The plant in Gmünd is Austria's only potato starch factory and the most
important customer for around 1,350 potato growers. EUR 12 million are currently
being invested in the existing production facilities at the Gmünd site to expand
its drying capacity. Specifically, this entails building a spraying tower - a
drying plant for infant formula, maltodextrin and dried glucose syrup - as well
as a drum-drying plant for dehydrated potato products.


The wet corn campaign at the plants in Aschach/Donau and Pischelsdorf is
forecast to last until the middle of December. This will be followed by a switch
back to the use of dry corn. Due to the weather conditions this year and the
later vegetation growth compared to the prior year, average to good yields are
expected for the 2021 corn harvest.

The immediate processing of the freshly-harvested corn protects the environment
since energy-intensive drying is not necessary. In 2020, the processing volume
of wet corn in Aschach/Donau amounted to around 150,000 metric tons. This led to
a saving of over two million litres of fuel oil for the drying process. Besides
the environmental advantage, wet corn also enables farmers to achieve a higher
gross margin compared to dry corn since the drying costs are not incurred.

A total of around 500,000 metric tons of corn - increasingly also special corn
varieties such as waxy and organic corn - are processed annually at the Aschach
site. AGRANA is currently investing around EUR 13 million at this facility to
expand its capacity for processing special corn varieties.

About starch

Starch is used in nearly all areas of the food industry, for example in the
baking and confectionery sectors or in dairy products. Due to its excellent
palatability, starch is also used in infant formulas. Starch also plays an
important role in the non-food sector. The main customers here are the paper and
paper processing industries (e.g. corrugated board), the textiles industry
(finishes and adhesives for fabrics), the construction chemicals industry
(pigment pastes and shotcrete) and the petroleum industry. Starch is also
contained in many pharmaceutical products (tablets) as well as in cosmetics,
such as baby powder, and in household products and medical gloves.


AGRANA converts agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous
industrial intermediate products. Around 9,000 employees at 56 production sites
worldwide generate annual Group revenue of approximately EUR 2.5 billion.
Established in 1988, the company is the world's market leader in fruit
preparations and the leading producer of fruit juice concentrates in Europe. In
addition, its Starch segment is also a major manufacturer of custom starch
products (made from potato, corn and wheat) and of bioethanol. AGRANA is the
leading sugar producer in Central and Eastern Europe.

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