Social impact organization, ‘DoinGud’ raises $5 Million in their mission to change the world of art and charity.

9/30/2021, 3:00 PM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DoinGud, a new NFT ecosystem focused on empowering creators, connecting humans, and generating positive social impact, has today announced their $5 million seed raise, which will enable the project to develop new features and tools to make NFTs more accessible to all.

DoinGud’s blockchain-based creator ecosystem is designed to facilitate charitable giving via NFT sales to vetted social impact organizations of the creator’s choice. 

It will lead to ever-increasing opportunities to support worthy charitable causes that share the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals like ending world hunger, zero poverty, gender equality or quality education.

The DoinGud platform will allow creators to easily upload their creations in the form of NFTs and sell to their collectors, fans, and community. The platform makes it easy for anyone to get started, no prior crypto or blockchain experience is needed. A portion of any sale will be donated to Social Impact Organizations that are pre-vetted and align with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Founded in early 2021 the team have secured $5 million in seed funding from Sandeep Nailwal Polygon Co-founder, Griff Green of Commons Stack and Jordan Ellis of dOrg, in addition to VC backing from Hard Yaka, Kenetic Capital, Alameda Research, IOSG Ventures, DAO Square, Ellipti, Genblock Capital, Supernova, and more. DoinGud confirmed, Founders of other prominent projects contributed financially include: MaskBook, dOrg, Meta Cartel Ventures China and Giveth.

Speaking to DoinGud’s vision Sandeep said: 

“DoinGud’s platform will allow creators to focus on what's important, creating, whilst making it easy for their work to translate into tangible good. They are completely re-imagining the creator and giving economy and the potential of this is huge. I genuinely believe it will be the step change we have been waiting so long for in this market”. 

Manu Alzuru the founder of DoinGud said: 

“We were overwhelmed with funding offers but we decided to take it slow and find the right partners that are aligned with our values and that will be contributing more than just financial capital.The organizations that have backed us so far are leaders in crypto and this is an absolute vote of confidence in our idea and the direction of this industry.  

And the opportunity is huge here – applying the DoinGud model, the social impact that could have been generated from the entirety of August’s whopping $5.29bn NFT sales would be in the tune of a minimum of $26 million.  

We aim to ensure that a much larger % share of sales than this is donated from our platform and we want to lead the industry to do the same. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all came together on this common mission of doing good.” 


The DoinGud platform will allow anyone to list their own NFTs, independently or in partnership with a gallery and will cover many forms of creations from fine art to photography, collectible avatars to 3d objects. The platform will also enable creators to allocate a minimum of 5% up to 95% of primary NFT sales, and 2.5% of secondary sales, to vetted Social Impact Organizations of their choice.

DoinGud is set to launch in November and already has a stellar roster of critically acclaimed creators including: Lauren YS, Jules Muck, Allison Bamcat, H+ Creative bringing Blunt Action, Mishko, Post Wook, Renderfruit, Skeeva, as well as Shinji Murakami, Chris McCann, Jermaine Rogers, Emek, Ben Heim and Agora’s 3m+ member photographer community.

For the latest news on the platform launch, creators and future drops follow @doingudhq

About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact.

Community-owned and curated, empowering creators, curators, collectors, and communities to tap into sustainable income streams, creatively engage with their patrons, and create lasting impact for the causes they care about. An accessible ecosystem that helps creators focus on what's important, creating. 

Notes to Editors 

DoinGud Cofounders are available for interviews

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NFTs are nonfungible tokens (NFT): Also known as "NFTs", are unique digital assets that live on a blockchain. You can think of them as digital collectibles! NFTs provide traceability and transparency for creators' works, while also earning creators previously unattainable royalties for all present and future sales.

Tokenizing is digital or physical units of value, utility, or ownership whose behavior is regulated by a smart contract.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital record of data where transactions are logged, recorded, and linked together using cryptography. Since these records are decentralized, one cannot alter past transactions logged to the ledger.

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