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Biden: US reasserting 'moral leadership' globally

United States President Joe Biden pledged on Friday that the United States under his leadership will continue to "reassert" its "moral leadership on the global stage."

Speaking at the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, Biden called on the memory of Thomas Dodd's involvement in the Nuremberg trials to remind Americans of their responsibility to "defend human rights beyond our shores," warning that "the moment we stop, the moment we rest, is the moment our influence diminishes."

The president drew attention to the plight of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Rohingya in Burma and civilian populations in northern Ethiopia, declaring that “whenever we see that kind of poisonous hatred, doesn’t mean we go to war but we must speak out. Silence is complicity ... No US president can stand back when human rights are under attack and maintain legitimacy."

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