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Strategic Management Decisions/Company Information

Vienna -

* Ambitious ESG targets based on responsibility for people and nature
* Strong organic growth through smart innovations and transformation into a
  full-range provider of system solutions
* Strong M&A track record and clear commitment to further transactions creating
  sustainable value

At Wienerberger's Capital Markets Day on 25 November, dedicated to the motto "we
care and we commit", Heimo Scheuch, Chairman of the Managing Board of
Wienerberger AG, outlined the most important pillars of sustainable growth in
line with the company's ESG criteria. He emphasized the strategic transformation
of the company into a system provider and expressed a clear commitment to the
continued optimization of the Group's portfolio and further value-accretive

Zwtl.: Focus on decarbonization, circular economy and biodiversity

Ever since the foundation of the company, Wienerberger has always been committed
to improving people's quality of life by providing high-quality building
materials and infrastructure solutions and assuming its responsibility to
society in ecological and social terms. Within the framework of its
Sustainability Program 2023, Wienerberger has therefore set itself ambitious
targets regarding decarbonization, circular economy and biodiversity in order to
consistently pursue its value-accretive growth course and thus support the
European Green Deal.

With an innovative product portfolio, new application technologies, and the
decarbonization of its production processes, Wienerberger is determined to
achieve climate neutrality by 2050, at the latest. As a first step, the Group's
CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 15% by 2023, and all its products are to be
100% recycled or reused. In addition, the quantities of secondary raw materials
and recycled substances used in production are to be continuously increased.
"Buildings account for more than one third of the world's energy consumption and
almost 40% of CO2 emissions. Decarbonization and adaptation to climate change
therefore are topics of crucial importance for Wienerberger. We address these
challenges by providing solutions that are fit for the future and will enable us
to ensure that building become climate-positive", says Heimo Scheuch.

Zwtl.: Strong organic growth and a clear commitment to further value-accretive

Over the past ten years, Wienerberger has completely repositioned itself in
strategic terms and evolved from a supplier of standard products focused
primarily on production volumes into a full-range provider of innovative, smart
system solutions tailor-made to meet customer requirements. The organic average
growth rate per year was 6%. In order to further advance this strategic
transformation, Wienerberger is constantly investing in improvements of its
product range and enlarging it by digital services.

Today, Wienerberger's durable products and smart system solutions are used to
renovate and erect complete buildings and entire city quarters. The portfolio
ranges from roof and wall systems to facade solutions and building facilities to
entire pipe systems for safe and secure energy and water supply. Another area
where Wienerberger provides solutions fit for the future is rainwater management
and wastewater disposal. "To protect people and property from damage caused by
climate change, towns and villages need an infrastructure designed to cope with
large quantities of water and extreme rainfall events. Here, too, Wienerberger
supplies a broad portfolio of products and all-in solutions, ranging from
infrastructure to technology to software and the corresponding cloud services",
says Heimo Scheuch.

Innovation, alongside M&A and portfolio optimization, is one of the most
important pillars of Wienerberger's sustainable growth: In North America, for
instance, Wienerberger is marketing stormproof facade cladding systems made of
bricks, a development due not least to product innovations and the acquisition
of Meridian Brick successfully closed at the end of October. Through the
integration of the portfolio of Struxura, a Belgian producer of prefabricated
walls, Wienerberger is further enlarging its product mix for the core segments
of new build and renovation. In mid-November, Wienerberger entered into a
strategic partnership with the Dutch company Exasun for the exclusive
distribution of the latter's photovoltaic solutions, and this week an exclusive
distribution agreement was concluded with Leadax, a producer of innovative, low-
CO2 flat roof solutions based in the Netherlands. In these value-accretive
transactions, Wienerberger is making every effort not only to align its
entrepreneurial activities with its sustainability targets, but also to address
the major challenges of our time, such as the effects of climate change, the
shortage of skilled labor, and the demand for sustainable and affordable housing
for everyone, through innovation, automation or prefabrication.

"Thanks to acquisitions worth approx. EUR 500 million and the strategic
partnerships concluded in the course of this year, Wienerberger is in an even
better position to take advantage of strong demand in the new build and
renovation segments. We intend to continue on the successful path of the first
three quarters of 2021 (increase in revenue to EUR 2.9 billion, up by 14% from
the previous year's level) in order to achieve the Wienerberger Group's clearly
defined goal - creating values for the future and improving people's quality of
life", concludes Heimo Scheuch.

Moreover, Wienerberger's clear objective is to consolidate the Group's leading
position in its growth markets through innovations (1/3 of total revenues) and
the optimization of system solutions (more than 25% of total revenues by 2023)
and to continue outperforming the market. All the Group's entrepreneurial
activities are subject on an ambitious set of ESG criteria and include the
following targets by 2023:

* CO2 emissions are reduced by 15%
* All new products are 100% recycled or reusable
* The Wienerberger biodiversity program is implemented 100% on all our sites

Zwtl.: Wienerberger Group

The Wienerberger Group is a leading international provider of smart solutions
for the entire building envelope and for infrastructure. Wienerberger is the
world's largest producer of bricks (Porotherm, Terca) and the market leader in
clay roof tiles (Koramic, Tondach) in Europe as well as concrete pavers
(Semmelrock) in Eastern Europe. In pipe systems (Steinzeug-Keramo ceramic pipes
and Pipelife plastic pipes), the company is one of the leading suppliers in
Europe. With its total of 197 production sites, the Wienerberger Group generated
revenues of EUR 3.4 billion and EBITDA LFL of EUR 566 million in 2020.

Further inquiry note:
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Elisabeth Falkner, Head of Investor Relations Wienerberger AG
t +43 1 601 92 - 10221 | investor@wienerberger.com

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