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Biden: Putin and I understand one another

United States President Joe Biden remarked on Wednesday that he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have a good understanding of each other and are both fully aware of their respective views on the tensions between Moscow and Ukraine.

Speaking to reports on the anniversary of his presidency, Biden reiterated Russia will pay a "stiff price" if it invades Ukraine. He warned the sanctions his administration prepared to impose on the Eurasian country's economy in case it invaded its neighbor are like Putin "has never seen." Biden also stressed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) remains united on the matter and will hold Russia accountable "if they do what they are capable of doing."

Biden also stressed that he does not think Putin wants a "full-blown war" but that he does believe the latter will seek to "test the West" and the US "as significantly as he can." "But I think he will pay a significant and dear price for it," he noted. He also expressed his opinion that Putin is dealing with the "most tragic thing" that has happened to Russia since the Berlin Wall fell down, the Cold War ended, and the Soviet Union split.

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