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Kremlin: Biden's comments on Ukraine destabilizing

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated on Thursday that warnings from the West regarding Ukraine are heard with "enviable regularity" and that they are utterly unfounded in Russia's current actions in the region. He also called United States President Joe Biden's recent comments on the matter "destabilizing."

Responding to Biden's threats that, in case of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia will experience sanctions such as Russian President Vladimir Putin has "never seen," Peskov reiterated that the speculations on Russian aggression in Ukraine are merely the pretext for amassing NATO military personnel and equipment on Russian borders. He repeated that Russia is moving troops within its own territory and exclusively at its own discretion, and that these exercises do not threaten anyone and that they should not worry anyone.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the narrative of NATO helping Ukraine defend itself against the possibility of a Russian assault is both "ridiculous and dangerous" to the stability in Europe.

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