2/17, 9:04 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Amazon's cashierless cart underperforming in stores - report, Inc.'s Dash Cart, a shopping cart that allows consumers to check out without a cashier at its official store, is seeing less and less usage among shoppers, presenting a setback to Amazon's physical store business and further expansion, Insider news reports.

The primary downsides to the cart are considered to be its unsuitability for larger products, its difficulty in scanning shop items effectively and the inability of consumers to take them outside to their cars.

Still, the users have found the Dash Cart's running-tally feature particularly appealing, with it allowing them to keep track of the subtotal of all the products that have been placed in the cart. Amazon is, therefore, planning to make the feature more available across its shopping apps and physical stores, Insider notes.

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