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Eurozone producer prices up 5.2% in January

Both monthly and annual growth of producer prices across the Eurozone surpassed market expectations in January, according to Eurostat's data published on Thursday. The monthly index jumped by 5.2%, while the annual index soared as much as 30.6%.

Month-on-month, industrial producer prices rose 11.6% in the energy sector, 2.7% for intermediate goods, 2.2% for durable consumer goods, 1.6% for non-durable consumer goods, and 1.5% for capital goods. On the other hand, prices in total industry excluding energy expanded by 2.2%.

The European Union as a whole saw 4.9% monthly growth in producer prices and 30.3% expansion on an annual basis. The highest monthly increases were recorded in Romania (12%), Belgium (10.2%), and Slovakia (8.7%), while on the other hand, the biggest decreases were observed in Ireland (-11.4%), Sweden (-0.7%), Luxembourg (-0.3%), and Finland (-0.2%).

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