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Monkeypox unlikely to become global pandemic - WHO

World Health Organization expert noted the monkeypox virus is unlikely to develop into a global pandemic, explaining on Monday that there is a "window" to stop the spread of the infection around the world despite the fact that there are still many uncertainties regarding the disease.

"We don’t want people to panic or be afraid and think that it’s like Covid or maybe worse," explained WHO's Director of the Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases Department Sylvie Briand underscoring that the two viruses are quite different. "We don’t know if we are just seeing the peak of the iceberg [or] if there are many more cases that are undetected in communities," said Briand at the briefing last week.

The WHO reiterated that the risk to the general public is still minimal. Earlier, the European Union reportedly agreed to purchase vaccines and drugs used against monkeypox to combat a possible outbreak across the bloc.

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