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Russia warns of 'tough' response to Kaliningrad ban

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned Moscow will take "tough" retaliatory measures in response to Lithuania’s ban on transit to Kaliningrad, he said in an interview with the local newspaper AiF on Monday.

"[...] transit restrictions are part of the proxy war that the West has unleashed against Russia," Medvedev explained, adding that the measures Moscow will likely take will be of an economic nature, stressing that the country "is capable of pulling the plug on the Baltic neighbors who have acted in a hostile manner." He underscored that Russia's response to the situation could push the conflict to a critical escalation, affecting the lives of average Lithuanian families.

Earlier, Moscow called Lithuania's decision to halt the transit sanctioned goods being transported by rail from Russia to Kaliningrad an "explicit suggestion and dictation" from the United States.

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