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Lithuania 'only' applies EU sanctions - adviser

Lithuanian Presidential Chief Foreign Policy Adviser Asta Skaisgiryte emphasized on Thursday that the country is "only" implementing European sanctions and that Vilnius is not acting unilaterally. "This is a matter for the EU and Russia, not Lithuania and Kaliningrad," Skaisgiryte said.

The country will continue to enforce the ban on sanctioned goods, as previously determined by the European Union, according to the chief foreign policy adviser, adding that transit countries to the Kaliningrad region are not limited to Lithuania, but that goods can also be transferred through Latvia or Poland.

Previously, Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanov proposed, with Lithuania's consent, building a dedicated railway and road from Russia's main territory to Kaliningrad, passing through its territory, to which Skaisgiryte responded, "there can be no thought that Lithuania does not control what is happening on its territory."

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