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Kiev attacks nuclear plant's cooling system - official

European largest nuclear plant located in southeastern Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, is under attack by the Ukrainian army, the Zaporizhzhia region's authorities stated in an interview with Solovyev.Live on Tuesday. Kiev is reportedly shelling the cooling system and the storage of nuclear fuel waste, targeting the plant's weak points.

According to the statement, the Ukrainian army fired at containers containing nuclear waste on the territory of the plant, with one of their projectiles falling just 10 meters away from the nuclear waste. These attacks might cause serious contamination as it is very possible the nuclear waste will get into the environment, the authorities warned, claiming that they are talking about ''kilograms or even tens or even hundreds of kilograms'' of the dangerous material.

The plant is currently under Russian control and it has been in the spotlight ever since it was reported the object had been under attack, with both Moscow and Kiev accusing the other side of posing a serious threat to the security of the region.

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