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Trump: US is now a beggar for energy

Former United States President Donald Trump (pictured) stated Friday that the United States is now "a beggar for energy" while stressing that "the war in Ukraine should never have happened."

Trump noted that two years ago when he was in office, gasoline "was $1.87 a gallon, and it even went to $1.50." However, he added, "right now, the strategic reserves are being used, from which about 75 million barrels of oil have been taken." "Under my leadership, we had American energy independence, and we would soon have been dominant." But the current administration, he added, failed to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has created the current situation.

The US gas prices surged to $3.68 a gallon, on average Wednesday, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), with the prices going up to $4.79 per gallon in some states like California.

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