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Danish PM: Gas leaks seen as 'deliberate action'

Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen revealed on Tuesday that the country's authorities believe that gas leaks on the Nord Stream 2 were "deliberate actions" stressing that the explosions were "not on accident."

Speaking at the press briefing, the Danish prime minister explained that based on the extent of the damage, the authorities are certain that a ship anchoring next to the gas pipelines could not have caused the cracks in the pipeline. In addition, the prime minister stressed that the leaks could last "at least a week."

However, Frederiksen noted that the country is not currently under any military threat, emphasizing that the leak also does not pose any direct threat to the people of Bornholm. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland recorded tremors in the Baltic Sea the day before, noting that the time of explosions corresponded to the time and location of gas leakages on North Stream 1 and 2, adding that such blasts do not resemble signals from earthquakes.

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