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Eni CEO expects gas flow to resume within week

Italian energy company Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi stated on Monday he expects gas deliveries to resume within the week, as reports earlier revealed that Russian energy giant Gazprom halted the supply of gas to the country, due to regulatory changes in Austria that prevented gas flow through the Tarvisio entry point.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Eni Awards, the company's CEO explained that the stop occurred due to monetary guarantees, which Gazprom failed to provide to the Austrian carrier of gas. "We are seeing how it is possible to take over either the transporter or Gazprom. There is talk of 20 million guarantees on billions of euros that pass and so now let's see if we can take over and make this monetary effort," Descalzi stated.

"Gas is already in Austria at this moment, gas is not in the hands of Gazprom, it remained in Austria and Germany. I am having a compliance analysis done and within this week I hope this problem can be solved," the energy company's CEO underlined.

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