11/2/2022, 8:30 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Biden: I'm tired of trickle-down economics

United States President Joe Biden remarked in his speech on Wednesday that he is "tired of trickle-down economics," where the poorest work the most to benefit gradually, while the richest's wealth grows, and reaffirmed that his administration's goal is to create as much "good-paying, high-quality jobs" as possible.

Speaking at the White House to trainees for manufacturing jobs, Biden once again praised the Infrastructure, Chips and Science, and the Inflation Reduction Acts as historic pieces of legislation that make him "very optimistic" about younger generations. "America will lead the world again in manufacturing. [...] Jobs were going overseas. Now we're sending products overseas," he stated.

Biden particularly noted the importance of the Chips and Science Act, describing semiconductors as "the future." "We invented them, we're the ones who advanced them, then we lost the market because we didn't invest in America," he said and then went on to point out that the aforementioned bill has begun changing that.

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