12/7/2022, 7:37 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Apple reveals advanced user security systems

Apple Inc. revealed on Wednesday three new "advanced" security tools that will offer protection to user data in the cloud.

The iMessage Contact Key Verification will help users who could be targets of cyberattacks, especially journalists, activities and government officials, to verify if they are in contact with "only with the people they intend." When the feature is enabled, users will receive alerts if cloud servers suffer a breach and if an "exceptionally advanced adversary" gets access to their encrypted conversations. The Security Keys option is primarily designed for public figures, and introduces "two-factor authentication by requiring a hardware security key as one of the two factors."

Finally, the Advanced Data Protection for iCloud "keeps most iCloud data protected even in the case of a data breach in the cloud." All new security features will be available to Apple users worldwide next year.

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