'MageMontreal' Launches Advanced Website Auditing Solutions For Magento-Based e-Commerce Platforms

9/9/2022, 1:04 PM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Montreal, Quebec--(Newsfile Corp. - September 9, 2022) - Canada-based e-commerce website developer MageMontreal has unveiled its new auditing solutions designed to enhance Magento-based e-commerce platforms. The services are extended both to businesses who want to build a new website in order to enter the e-commerce sphere, as well as to those who already have a Magento-based website and require improvement and support. The audit solutions are focused on providing the companies with code audits, security audits, performance audits, and more.

MageMontreal's new series of services are committed to enabling retailers to provide their customers with a pleasant user and shopping experience on their e-commerce websites. The user experience and characteristic features of the websites enhance the chances of customer loyalty and word-of-mouth publicity. Therefore, MageMontreal focuses on both the technical and architectural frameworks, along with aesthetic and interface features, in order to create a positive user-experience.

The audit provides a holistic review of a number of key elements which contribute to an effective and user-friendly website. It includes considerations of quality, performance, user-experience, security and speed, Google core vitals among several other elements. The firm provides both a general audit and a specific user experience audit. MageMontreal reviews every important element separately, in order to ensure that everything is aligned for the best Magento coding practice. After performing a detailed review, the firm gives suggestions to improve the quality and performance of the website, before finally providing solutions that make the website more effective as an e-commerce platform.

The security audit protects both the clients and their customers from possible cyber attacks and data piracy. Recent reports indicate that an increasing number of e-commerce frauds threaten online retail businesses worldwide. MageMontreal believes that a consistent audit of the security features on a website can prevent online fraud and keep the site safe from cyber attacks. MageMontreal's code audit helps businesses identify the quality of their website through an expert review of currently used coding practices. It then provides security recommendations and helps enhance the accuracy of the estimates. In addition to this, MageMontreal provides a detailed technical audit to identify major avenues for improvement and enhancement. Security breaches on e-commerce websites pose the threat of exposing private customer data, which can affect the loyalty of the customers. Therefore, MageMontreal's audit provides an opportunity to streamline the website with the best Magento coding practices and security features.

E-commerce platforms face several performance challenges due to the complexity of activities hosted by their website. These issues range from unstable websites to site speed issues, both for progressive web apps (PWA) and native Magento front-ends. Among others, audit services provided by MageMontreal provide reviews on database and hosting performance, PWA and front-end performance and Magento application performance. It provides a detailed and clear understanding of performance issues and also offers a means of tackling these problems through far-reaching solutions.

"We are committed to providing our clients with an in-depth and detailed top-down inspection audit to identify user-experience concerns, speed problems, SEO issues, module conflicts, and security risks linked to their websites. A thorough audit can open up incredible opportunities to increase the scope of business and enhance the revenue of the e-commerce platform", says Guillaume Le Tual, Founder and CEO of MageMontreal.

'MageMontreal' is headquartered in Quebec, Canada and was established in 2007 by Guillaume Le Tual. He is an entrepreneur and multimedia technologist with more than fifteen years of experience in the industry. MageMontreal is a certified Adobe solution partner specializing in Magento-based (also known as Adobe Commerce) website solutions for e-commerce platforms.

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