Yellowdig Unveils Methodology to Boost DEI and Mental Health Support in Education

10/21/2022, 6:47 PM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--(Newsfile Corp. - October 21, 2022) -  Yellowdig, the US-based Edtech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) start-up, has announced a suite of core measures aimed at boosting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within learning spaces, as well as enhancing students' mental wellbeing. The company has underlined that DEI and the mental health of students that utilize its online, social-media-inspired learning platform will continue to be a primary focus for the firm. Its latest series of system updates and methodologies aim to highlight this.

The most common emotion-buzzwords used to describe students' experience of school are 'stress' and 'boredom'. The problem is increasingly extending deeper than this, with 64% of students dropping out of college as a result of mental health problems. Roughly three-quarters of mental illnesses appear by the age of 24, which makes mental health support in schools and Universities all the more crucial.

Reports highlight how mental health issues have damaging long-term effects on students' educational progression, with 81% of teachers stating that student engagement increases when educators properly value social-emotional well-being.

As part of its announcement, Yellowdig is emphasizing the various means by which it is utilizing its online learning platform to offer enhanced mental health support to students. The focus of the online system is placed on building connections with peers, which helps to build students' confidence when interacting with other members of the community. The platform has patented and introduced a points system, in which students receive higher scores when they interact more with others, thereby providing incentives for users to collaborate and immerse themselves fully in the community. This is helping to reduce any sense of isolation or loneliness, both of which have become increasingly prevalent as a result of the shift to remote learning systems during the pandemic.

This is further fostered through Yellowdig's analytics feature, which shows which members of the student community are failing to interact with others and require support. This enables instructors to offer more specialized and tailored mental health services to the students that need it most.

In addition to this, senior officials at Yellowdig underline the platform's mission to boost DEI across the education sector. Over half of US school children are in racially concentrated districts, some of which are also segregated by income. These factors exacerbate existing diversity gaps, particularly in higher education.

Yellowdig's platform is fully inclusive, and its Community Health dashboard and Network Graph Visualization and Table enables educators to quickly identify the most at-risk individuals. Reports have found that Yellowdig's system doubles the standard rate of student engagement, and provides a 90% level of student satisfaction.

"At Yellowdig, we are passionate about deploying our platform as a tool that not only enhances the average standards of learning and engagement, but one that also helps educators to provide better mental health and DEI support. Our anonymity option helps to facilitate open conversations among students, which we have seen time and again leading to a greater sense of empathy, and a deeper appreciation of complex issues linked to race, gender and mental health," underlines Shaunak Roy, CEO and Founder of Yellowdig.

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