100% Capri Turns Tide in Linen's Public Acceptance as Top Sustainable Fashion Material

11/24/2022, 6:51 AM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Capri, Italy--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2022) - 100% Capri changes linen's public acceptance as top sustainable fashion material. 

For millennia, humans relied on various materials to cover their bodies from cold, moisture, and onlookers. A few thousand years ago, in a world much less populated than today and in the absence of industries producing fabrics, prehistoric people used hides, leaves, and, later, natural fibers coming from hemp and linen. The last two are the oldest historically proven clothing materials. 

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100% Capri

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Introducing 100% Capri , an Italian clothing brand that is known for its linen designer clothes for men and women. While being a staunch proponent of sustainability, the brand manufactures luxurious linen clothes that are 100-percent ecological, biodegradable, zero-waste, and hypo-allergenic. In an effort to preserve global water resources, 100% Capri sources the material from linen producers that do not rely on irrigation. The brand also does not cooperate with linen growers who use defoliants or GMOs, a tribute to consumers critical of reliance on chemicals in agriculture.

100% Capri has played a pivotal role in promoting linen as a high-end designer material. It has given the flax fiber a second life by combining the perfection of Italian tailoring and design with linen's 100-percent sustainable nature and exceptional consumer properties. Linen-based clothing is light, breathable, cool in the summer, doesn't cause heat or sun rashes, can be worn casually or formally, and naturally suits any body type. Simply put, linen is the perfect material to relax in. The rebirth of linen as a designer product is taking place to a great extent thanks to 100% Capri. 

100% Capri boutiques are scattered conveniently around the world in the most coveted high-end vacation spots from the Greek Islands to the French Riviera, Ibiza, Miami, Dubai, South Africa, the Ligurian Coast's gem Portofino, and, of course, Capri. 

Having become the world's renowned linen authority and trend-setter, 100% Capri consults up-and-coming linen brands not fearing the competition; on the contrary, Aiello is keen on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships in the linen industry. Aiello sees his brand's mission in making consumers aware of linen's unique properties. To learn more about 100% Capri, visit the website and Instagram.

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