PTA-News: ADX Energy Ltd.: ADX Energy Ltd Annual Report
31 December 2022

3/29, 5:35 PM (Source: pressetext)
Wien (pta027/29.03.2023/17:35) - ANNUAL REPORT

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Wien (pta027/29.03.2023/17:35) - ANNUAL REPORT

31 DECEMBER 2022

See attached documents.


* Corporate Directory
* Chairman´s Report
* Operations Report
* Reserves Report
* Directors' Report
* Auditors' Independence Declaration to the Directors
* Directors' Declaration
* Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income
* Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
* Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
* Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
* Notes to the Financial Statements
* Independent Auditor´s Report
* Additional Shareholder Information
* Tenement Schedule


emitter: ADX Energy Ltd.
address: Canovagasse 5, 1010 Wien
country: Austria
contact person: DI Paul Fink
phone: +43 (0)50 724 5666

ISIN(s): AU000000ADX9 (share)
stock exchanges: open market (free market) in Frankfurt, free market in Stuttgart, free market in Munich, free market in Hamburg; open market in Berlin, Tradegate
other stock exchanges: Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Sydney

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