3/29, 6:57 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Morgan Stanley: Meta, Google, Snap to improve if TikTok banned

Morgan Stanley stated Wednesday that Meta, Google, and Snap have the potential for improvement in the case the ban against TikTok moves forward. According to the multinational institution, TikTok's exit from the US would leave some 53 billion hours of digital media consumption time available for other companies to absorb.

Every 10% of TikTok time grabbed would add nearly $1 billion to Meta's ad revenue for its next fiscal year. In the case of Google, the same percentage would represent around $425 million in 2024 ad revenue, while Snap could add around $440 million.

Nevertheless, Morgan Stanley added in the analysis that the considerable client base will likely be "upset" with that move, citing potential and business limitations because of the prohibition.

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