Luca Grassetti's Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Announces Its Cutting-Edge Services

4/1, 12:22 AM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Ancona, Italy--(Newsfile Corp. - March 31, 2023) - Luca Grassetti's Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is proud to offer advanced and state-of-the-art surgical and medical services. Dr. Grassetti, a highly trained plastic surgeon with extensive experience in reconstructive microsurgery of the body and face, has assembled a team of specialized surgeons and medical professionals who are dedicated to helping patients solve congenital or acquired physical problems.

The Clinic is located in Ancona, capital of the Marche Region, near the Regional University Hospital in the middle east of Italy. Dr. Grassetti's team comprises experienced professionals, including Nurse Caterina, personal secretary Veronica, Anesthesiologist Mauro, and the legendary Dr. Vito, among many others who work behind the scenes to ensure patients receive top-quality care.

Dr. Grassetti's Clinic offers a range of surgical services, including mommy make-over surgeries such as abdominoplasty and mastoplasty, performed at the Republic of San Marino with hospitalization of 1 or more nights. Major surgeries are also performed at the "Malatesta Novello Clinic" in Cesena, Emilia Romagna.

The Clinic also offers aesthetic medicine treatments, including Rhinofiller, which is provided at the "Luca Grassetti Chirurgia Plastica" clinic in Ancona. Dr. Grassetti's technique for Rhinofiller has given him the nickname of "The Wizard of Rhinofiller" and involves the use of hyaluronic acid syringes as cartilage grafts on the nose, depositing collagen tissue to stabilize the results.

Dr. Grassetti's Clinic hosts doctors who come from all over the world to do fellowships, such as the one established with the "POSITIVO" University of Curitiba (Brazil). Plans are also underway to open additional clinics in major Italian cities to serve more patients.

Dr. Grassetti and his team are committed to providing the best possible care for their patients. For more information about the Clinic's services, please visit

Name: Luca Grassetti
Phone: +39 071 71520
Address: Viale della Vittoria, 1, 60121 Ancona AN, Italy.

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