WorkSpan's New Cloud Marketplace Accelerator Unlocks Cloud Budgets for SaaS Vendors

8/22, 3:00 PM (Source: Newsfile Corp)

Access to pre-committed cloud budgets expected to drive significant in-year transactions for customers

San Bernardino, California--(Newsfile Corp. - August 22, 2023) - WorkSpan, the recognized leader in Co-sell Platforms , announces the launch of its Cloud Marketplace Accelerator service, built to streamline the process to list and transact products on Google, AWS and Microsoft marketplaces.

Cloud marketplaces give vendors frictionless access to transact with hundreds of thousands of global customers, expediting sales and driving low-cost growth. However creating and managing cloud marketplace listings is a challenge for many companies- eligibility requirements, technical integrations, and a lack of dedicated resources or field enablement have prevented businesses from activating the channel.

"The WorkSpan Marketplace Accelerator unlocks a new route to market quickly. Qualifying and listing products is the first step to leveraging committed cloud budgets and growing revenue," says Amit Sinha, President of WorkSpan. "With hyperscalers now requiring partners to have transactable offers on their marketplace, Marketplace Accelerator is the fastest way to unlock the benefits of the marketplace."

With in-depth knowledge of marketplace requirements and best practice methodologies, WorkSpan helps SaaS companies with all aspects of publishing their transactable marketplace listings, from preparing marketplace content and developing API integrations to conducting end-to-end testing of flows and launching their listings.

  1. Drive transactions quickly: WorkSpan's solution helps launch marketplace listings and qualify for co-sell programs within weeks, without distracting already taxed technical, program, or content members of a go-to-market team.
  1. Access pre-committed budgets: In a macro environment where investments are hard to come by, WorkSpan's solution brings vendors into cloud ecosystems to gain access to precommitted IT budgets. These marketplace transactions reinforce customer loyalty and drive faster implementation, but also typically have faster close times than direct sales deals. The combination of extra budget and quicker marketplace deals makes WorkSpan's solution a potential game-changer for companies struggling to get contracts across the line in a challenging market.
  1. Enhanced Field Support: WorkSpan's solution enhances collaboration with Cloud Provider's field teams and grants access to exclusive seller incentives for commercial marketplace transactions. It's not enough to create the selling strategy and motion, you need a solution that helps drive adoption and successful execution.

With WorkSpan's Marketplace Accelerator, the SaaS companies own and control their marketplace listings, with WorkSpan providing support to accelerate time-to-market while minimizing resources and lift required from their team.

"At WorkSpan, we recognize the need partners have to navigate the cloud marketplace landscape," says Mayank Bawa, CEO of WorkSpan. "Our Marketplace Accelerator offers a strategic approach to marketplace presence, enabling businesses to thrive by tapping into an expansive customer base, boosting revenue, and driving collaborative success."

With the launch of WorkSpan's Marketplace Accelerator today, more SaaS companies have a route to list their products in the cloud marketplaces and unlock precommitted budgets faster than ever. For companies struggling to maintain or scale their direct sales motion this year, it's coming just in time.

To learn more about the WorkSpan Marketplace Accelerator and its transformative capabilities, contact WorkSpan.

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WorkSpan is the #1 Co-Sell platform that empowers companies to turbocharge and scale their co-sell revenue growth. Partnership and Sales teams use WorkSpan's secure SaaS solution to exchange co-sell referrals from inside their CRM, manage shared pipeline, collaborate with partners on deals, and track performance on a live dashboard.

WorkSpan powers the top 10 business ecosystems in the technology and communications industry today, managing over $50 billion in joint pipeline, 6x faster speed to market for joint solutions, and 2x partner manager productivity. Customers include top ecosystems like top ecosystems like Microsoft, SAP, VMWare, Cisco, Ericsson, Red Hat, Wipro, Kyndryl and leading partnering organizations like UIPath, Cognizant, SeeQ, OwnBackup, Orca Security, Deepwatch, Nasuni, PagerDuty, Opti9, Abnormal Security, Mindtickle and others.

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